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3 Great Bichon Frise Portraits

3 New Bichon Frise Painting Examples


1. Beautiful Oil painting of Percy.

An exquisite Bichon Frise Portrait

bichon paintings

Lovely realist oil painting of Percy, painstakingly painted.

Percy is a painted in a Realist style and actually to capture all of this detail took nearly 2 months to complete. He is a wonderful example of a Realist style Bichon Frise portrait. This painting is so life-life you would be forgiven in thinking it was a photograph.


2. Gorgeous Oil Painting of Blauw on Richomnd Green

bichon paintings

Gorgeous oil painting of Blauw on Richmond Green.

Blauw again is painted in a Realist style but his owner asked us to change the background.


Take a look at this…..

This is the photo the dog owner sent in to us at Dog Artists so as you can see the dog was actually not on Richmond Green at the time this photograph was taken. The dog owner emailed us a photo of the Green and told us to paint it for the background. I’m sure you’d agree this makes fro a much better dog portrait.

bichon photos

Photo provided to Dog Artists


3. Cute Bichon Frise Portraits – Jeremy

Bichon paintings

jeremy painted in a painterly style with a studio background.

This Bichon Frise is adorable. Jeremy is painted with a neutral  studio background and much looser brushstrokes.

The question is out of the 3 Bichon Frise Portraits, which one do you prefer?…..


Would you like to commission a Bichon Frise Portrait of your own?

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