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5 Great Alsatian Dog Pictures

What is an Alsatian Dog?

An Alsatian dog is a working dog that originated from Germany. Alsatian Dogs are just another name for German Shepherds sometimes abbreviated to GSD. It’s just in the UK we use the term Alsatians as opposed to German Shepherds. Now we have that cleared up, take a look at these 5 great Alsatian Dog Pictures, that were hand-painted by

1. Exquisite oil painting of 2 Alsatian Dogs

Alsatian dog pictures

This Alsatian dog picture was hand-painted in a painterly style with loose brushstrokes, hand painted with a studio background. To see more dog portraits with studio backgrounds please view the Dog Portraits with Studio Backgrounds.

This Alsatian Dog picture was based from 2 separate photos and using that to work from one of our dog artists painted this wonderful oil painting. If you want to see the original photos that were used to create this Alsatian dog picture please look at this – Alsatian Dog Pictures.

 2. Fantastic Alsatian Dog Pictures

german shepherd paintings

This is a beautiful oil painting of an Alsatian dog. This Alsatian dog picture was hand-painted in a realist style, meaning it is meant to be extremely life-like, which as I think you’ll agree, it is! All of our dog portraits are based on photos that you email into us, so if you would like an oil painting of your Alsatian dog then please email:

3. Beautiful Alsatian Dog Pictures

alsatian dog pictures

Oil Painting of Alf the Alsatian dog with a studio background.

Another example of a beautiful Alsatian dog picture hand-painted with a studio background.

4. Wonderful Alsatian Dog Painting

alsatian dog pictures

Lovely oil painting of Rocky the Alsatian Dog

Here’s another example of a great Alsatian dog picture hand-painted in a realist style with premium Winsor & Newton oils onto canvas.  If you would like a realist style oil portrait of your Alsatian dog then please email:

5. A Unique Alsatian Dog Picture

alsatian dog pictures

oil painting of Max the Alsatian dog as the Count of Monte Cristo

This Alsatian dog picture is painted in a completely different style. Have you ever considered having your Alsatian dog painted into uniform? Max here is painted as The Count of Monte Cristo, to see more examples of dogs in uniform take at this recent blog post – 12 Great Dogs in Uniform Portraits


Love our Dog Portraits? Would you like to commission a superb oil portrait of your dog?

Well I hope these 5 Alsatian dog pictures have given you some inspiration of some of the styles you could have your dog painted in. If you would like to enquire about having an oil portrait of your Alsatian dog painted into a portrait please email: for a quote and one of our dog artists will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.


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