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About us

dog artistHello there! My name’s Tim (that’s me on the right!) and I along with a small team run Dog Artists, which is based in London. Dog Artists, in a nutshell is an online art studio that focuses solely on painting beautiful dog portraits based on your favourite dog photographs. We pride ourselves on not only the superior artistic ability of our artists but also the materials we use to paint your dog’s oil painting.  Therefore, your chosen professional dog artist will only ever hand-paint your portrait using premium Winsor & Newton oils (they’re the best quality for longevity and colour pigmentation) onto high grade duck cotton canvases.

We actually have 8 top dog artists working for us and their work can best be seen in our Portfolio. They can work from several photographs, omit details that you don’t want to have painted into your portrait and change the background to enhance and make your dog’s portrait really special. If you’re looking to commission a portrait for a loved one we also offer Gift Vouchers so they can choose the photo(s) that they want their dog portrait to be based upon. We’re a friendly bunch so if you have any questions please just get in touch!

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