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Artists Who Paint Dogs

Are you looking for great dog artists who paint dogs based on your favourite dog photos?

artists who paint dogs

Welcome! We are a group of 8 pet artists who paint dogs and only dogs, all of which are based on your favourite dog photos. Our company as you can see is called Dog Artists and we’ve been running now for 8 years. That’s 56 years in dog years and we know a lot about painting different breeds of dogs. Do you have a Bichon Frise, Labrador, Puggles, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Jack Russell, I could name hundreds of different breeds and crossbreeds that we’ve painted for clients. If you ever want to see dog portrait examples of a particular breed please just ask.

What style of dog portrait are you looking for?

dogs in uniform

Lab painted as The Count of Monte Cristo

As a group of 8 pet artists who paint dogs, we all have different specialities. For example Sam Banks and Richard Hall specialise in painting dogs in uniform. Extremely popular and unique having your dog painted in uniform or period dress allows you to choose the attire of how you would like your dog to look. Dog owners sometimes choose this for sentimental reasons or for a bit of fun. For example some owners have chosen to have their dog painted in military uniform because their dog is bossy and they feel it suits their character, whilst others have had loved ones fight in a war and want to have their dog painted in their loved one’s uniform for sentimental reasons. Whatever your reason, please email us – with your idea and we’ll get back to you with some quotes and advice.

Realism dog portraits by great artists who paint dogs

Weimaraner Painting

Realism portrait of a beautiful Weimaraner

Maybe you’re looking for artists who paint dogs in a realist style. Our dog artist, David excels in this style. Take a look at this beautiful Weimaraner painting, it is extremely lifelike. For this style when you send us your dog photo to base your portrait on we will painstakingly paint every detail that we see in your portrait. Take a look at some of our Realism style dog portrait examples if you’re interested in this style of painting.

Old Master style dog portraits by artists who paint dogs

old master dog portraits

Griff sitting by his Old Master Dog Portrait

Perhaps you’re a fan of the Old Masters and are looking for artists who paint dogs like John Wootton or George Stubbs. Again that’s not a problem, that’s where our dog artist, Paul comes in. Take a look at a close up at Griff – Old Master dog Portraits.  Another idea that people like is to choose their favourite Old Master painting and have their dog painted into it, again just tell us what painting you have in mind.


Block colour dog portraits by pet artists who paint dogs

dog artists

You could be looking for artists who paint dogs like the oil painting above. This dog portrait has a bright colourful background. With this style when we see your dog photo we will ignore whatever is in the background and just paint a one tone colour background. You choose the colour and we’ll do the work.

Pet artists who paint dogs with a studio background

jack russell paintings

Tyson the Jack Russell, painted with a studio background.

Maybe you’re looking for artists who paint dogs with a studio background. Now I’m not talking about those awful studio backgrounds that we were made to have when having a school photo, I’m talking about having a background like Tyson the Jack Russell. Lots of similar tones and hues that enhance your dog’s portrait. We will pick shades and complementary hues that will show off your dog’s colouring.

Artists who paint dogs in a painterly style

dogs who paint artists

Maybe you’re looking for artists who paint dogs in a painterly style with loose brushstrokes. Our dog artists can change the background to what is seen in the photo provided to having a background of say your dog’s favourite park.


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What you need to do……..

As you can see our 8 pet artists who paint dogs can paint you an oil portrait of your dog in a variety of ways with different backgrounds or styles. All you need to do is email a photo of your dog to and tell us what you have in mind. All of our dog portraits are hand-painted with premium Winsor & Newton oils onto canvas. Please allow between 4 -6 weeks from ordering your oil painting to receiving it.

Have a question?

We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below or email:

Bye for now

Anna x


About DogArtists

Dog Artists was founded in 2007 and is run by 8 pet artists specialising solely in dogs. Based in London UK, we deliver world-wide and paint beautiful dog portraits based on your photos.

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