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Beagle Dogs need a Beagle Dog Artist

Hello Dog Lovers,

I thought I’d show you two recent examples of Beagle dog portraits that are very very different!

Dogs in Uniform Painting, beagle artists

A portrait of a beagle, hand-painted in a RAF uniform


The above oil painting is a dog portrait of a beagle hand-painted in a RAF uniform.

Alternatively, if you are after a dog portrait that is more conventional, here’s an oil painting of a beagle painted in a realist style.

beagle artists

A dog portrait of a beagle hand-painted in a realist style.

If you would like a dog portrait painted of your Beagle, be it a traditional dog portrait or an oil painting of your Beagle in uniform, we’d be delighted to be of service.  All we need from you is a good quality photograph of your Beagle to base the painting on and if you’d like your Beagle painted in a uniform or period costume then just let us know what and we’ll do the rest.

How long would a dog portrait of my Beagle take?

Please allow between 4 – 6 weeks from commissioning your Beagle portrait to receiving it. Once your oil painting has been completed we will email you a high resolution photograph of your dog portrait for your approval. If you’d like your Beagle artist to make any amendments then please just let us know. Once we’ve received your approval and the oils have sufficiently dried we will then deliver your painting to you.

If you have any questions please email: or leave a comment below.

Bye for now

Anna x


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