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Bichon Paintings

Beautiful Bichon Paintings

Welcome to Dog Artists and our Bichon paintings page!  

Here is a small selection of our Bichon Frisé Paintings, all of which were based on photos that their owners emailed to us. The variety on show here gives you a good idea of the types of styles you could have your Bichon Frise painted in. For example Percy is painted in a Realist style, it is so life like you’d be forgiven in thining it was a photograph. Jeremy on the otherhand is painted with a studio background  in a painterly style, you can see that the brush strokes are a lot looser. How you choose to have your Bichon Frisé painted is completely up to you. Although we are more than happy to offer you advice!

Changing the Background of your Bichon Frise Painting

As you can see Blauw wasn’t really on Richmond Green when this photograph was taken. However it was his favourite place to take a walk and his owners really wanted a lovely detailed background for his oil painting. The owners therefore took a photo of the Green and told our Dog Artist to paint that instead.  I think you’ll agree that it makes for a much better oil portrait.

bichon photos
bichon paintings

Every Detail is Painted to Make Sure You Get the Perfect Dog Painting

Bichon paintings

Detail of Painting of Richmond Green by Dog Artists

You can see by looking at this close up that every detail has been carefully painted into the background. Even the red post box has been painted in!

Useful Information

Bichon paintings

Jeremy painted in a painterly style with a studio background.

All of  these Bichon paintings are hand-painted using premium Winsor & Newton oils onto a high quality duck cotton canvas. Oils do take a while to dry and as we pride ourselves on painting you high quality portraits that you will be proud to display and that will stand the test of time we will not rush on the quality of your portrait. We therefore ask that you allow between 4 – 6 weeks from commissioning your portrait to receiving it.  If you are ordering a dog portrait as a gift for a special occasion and are on a tight timeframe we can send you or your recipient personalised gift vouchers.

  • 1boxers00% hand-painted dog portraits based on your photos
  • Oil on canvas
  • 4 – 6 week turnaround time from placing your order
  • Gift vouchers available
  • Once completed a high resolution photograph of your dog portrait will be sent to you for approval.
  • You can request slight ammendments
  • We can paint different backgrounds to what is seen in your photo and add or omit objects.
  • Dog Artists is based in London but we deliver world-wide free of charge.
  • Framing can be provided upon request to UK residents for an additional charge
  • All frames are hand-made here in the UK

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