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Dog Portrait Examples

Alsatian dog paintings

How Much Do Pet Portraits Cost?

The price of pet portraits vary massively depending on who is painting your pet portrait, for example an up and coming pet artist will charge a lot more than those …

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artists who paint dogs

Artists Who Paint Dogs

Are you looking for great dog artists who paint dogs based on your favourite dog photos? Welcome! We are a group of 8 pet artists who paint dogs and only …

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dog artists gift vouchers

Dog Portraits from Photos are Great Gifts

As you are probably aware painting a high quality dog portrait takes time, time you may not have if you’re looking to commission a dog portrait for a loved one …

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Commission an oil dog portrait of your dog

If you’re looking to commission a beautiful oil dog portrait of your dogs, rest assured you’ve come to the right online art studio. Here at Dog Artists, as the name …

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British Bull Dogs

British Bulldog Painting – So Cute

Hello Dog Lovers, Here’s an oil portrait of Murphy the British Bulldog. We painted this gorgeous Bulldog based on a photograph that Murphy’s owner emailed in. I have to say …

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greyhound portraits

Best Greyhound Dog Portrait Ever

Hi Everybody, I thought I’d show you our recent oil portrait of Amber the Greyhound, which I think must be the best greyhound portrait ever! This is a photo of …

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Custom Dog Portraits based on Your Dog Photos

Here at Dog Artists all we specialise in is painting custom dog portraits based on your favourite dog photographs.  Look at the above all painting of Bailey the dog with …

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Dalmatian Dog Portraits

Do you own a Dalmatian? Look at these Dalmatian Paintings!

Are you the owner of a gorgeous Dalmatian? Have you ever considered commissioning an oil painting of your Dalmatians?  Here at Dog Artists we’ve recently been doing quite a few …

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Pet Paintings from Photos

Looking to commission pet paintings from photos? You’ve certainly come to the right place! Commissioning a portrait to remember your pet if they have passed away or if you have …

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pet portraits uk

Pet Portraits UK – Supersize my dog portrait please!

Large Pet Portraits Sometimes you might want a really large oil painting of your dog. Take a look at this pet portrait, which is drying in the art studio at …

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