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Show Poodle Painting

Hyper Realist Show Poodle Painting I wanted to show you this wonderful show Poodle painting that we painted and the photo that tour dog artist had to work from.  Our …

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Who did the dog in uniform portraits for Embarrassing Pets?

Who did the dog portraits shown on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Pets? If you’re wondering who did the artwork of the dogs in uniform portraits or dogs in human clothes for …

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Painted Dogs

Painted Dogs by Dog Artists Painted Dogs are what we do best here at Dog Artists.  Dog Artists is a small London-based online art studio that hand paints beautiful oil …

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Pet Portraits in Oils

Are you looking to commission your pet portraits in oils? Dogs are family, I should know I have 2 dogs and 2 children. My husband and I set up Dog …

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Dog head human body

Dog head human body Portraits –  6 Brilliant Examples On the face of it having a dog painted with a human body might sound exceedingly strange.  However anthropomorphism (the attribution …

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