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Cute Dog Painted as Dr. Watson

“Elementary, my dear Watson

dr watson

John Watson or Dr. Watson as we all know was a fictional character in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. Watson was always depicted as a typical Victorian gentlemen which is what we tried to convey in this painting.

The dog above who is called Watson has been painted as Dr. Watson as a gift for the owner.  They wanted to have him dressed and looking as Dr. Watson as this is where the dog got his name.


Watson as Dr. Watson

doctor watson dog

Dr. Watson


The Process of commissioning a dog in uniform/suit Painting

If you want to get your dog painted in a uniform or suit it’s first of all most helpful to send us a few images of the attire or character that you have in mind. You know best how you want your dog to look and the look you want to go for.  If you need advice please do let us know too.

Please also let us know how big or small you would like your dog portrait to be. The smallest size we usually start with is 12″ x 16″. Once we’ve agreed on all the details we’ll start painting your portrait! It usually takes between 4 – 6 weeks from ordering your oil portrait to receiving it. If you’d like a quote or have an idea for a dog portrait please email:


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