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Custom Dog Portraits


Sometimes you may not want your dog’s oil portrait to be exactly like the photograph that you supplied. A lot of people actually want to commission custom dog portraits of their furry friends.

What exactly are custom dog portraits?

Take a look at the photograph below. Although the owner loved the pose of her Bichon Frise, she wanted to customise the background. As lets face it having concrete slabs as a background for a dog portrait doesn’t exactly enhance the painting and in fairness would make the portrait look a bit dull and flat. So the owner and her dog artist, Sam (we are team of  8 dog artists) decided to paint the dog’s favourite park, which happens to be Richmond Green as the background for her dog portrait. This in turn, we feel has uplifted the oil portrait and also holds meaning for the owner.

custom dog painting

Custom Dog Portrait with Richmond Green in the background

custom dog portraits

Dog Photo emailed into Dog Artists









Other custom dog portrait examples

Another example of custom dog portraits is this painting below.  If you take a look at the photograph supplied to Dog Artists you’ll see the ball, and dustbin in the background of the photo that would detract from the painting and also obviouslya dustbin is completely unnecessary to paint into a dog portrait.

custom dog portraits

Dog Photo emailed into Dog Artists

custom dog portraits

Custom dog portrait without the ball or dustbin painted into the oil painting.









What this means for you!

If you’re thinking of commissioning a custom dog portrait, then the good news is that we can customize your dog portrait to exactly how you want it. Objects in the background that are unnecessary or that we all feel would detract from your dog’s painting won’t be painted into your dog portrait. Your dog artist can paint you a completely different background as shown in the first example above, or can even add in certain objects if you desire.

Would you like to commission your own custom dog portrait?

If you too would like to commission your own custom dog portrait, please get in touch, we’d love to be of service! Simply call us on 020 8354 9280 or email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.  Alternatively, please feel free to leave a comment.

Would you like to know a bit more about Dog Artists?

dog artists

Dog Artists is a small team of 8 professional dog artists that solely specialise in painting dogs. We’re now in our 5th year of trading and feel we’ve earned a high reputation for our quality dogs portraits. All of which, are lovingly hand-painted using premium Winsor & Newton oils onto a high grade duck cotton canvas. If you’d like to carry on reading about the company please click on the About Dog Artists Page.

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