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Dog Portraits – A Fabulous Example

dog artists

Photo of Griff, given to Dog Artists

A few months ago, I received an enquiry to commission a dog portrait of Griff (there he is above) but to paint him in the style of one of the Old Masters, such as British painter, John Wootton (1682 – 1764). The owner emailed in the photograph above and it was given to one of out top dog artists to paint a beautiful dog portrait of Griff, oil on canvas.

The Oil Painting

dog portraits

Oil Painting of Griff, in the style of John Wootton

Griff’s Dog Portrait was hand-painted using premium Winsor & Newton oils (they’re the best quality you can buy) onto a high grade duck cotton canvas. The painting took 2 -3 weeks to paint and then needed a further 2 weeks for the oils to dry before it could be safely delivered.

The Result

dog portrait

Griff sitting by his oil portrait.


A happy dog and a very happy owner who loves his painting. All our dog portraits are made-to measure meaning your dog’s portrait can be painted to any dimensions that you desire. The owner wanted Griff’s dog portrait to measure 28 in. by 22 in. (71 cm x 55.8 cm). We also had the oil portrait framed.

The owner said:

 “Yes I am delighted…it looks perfect. It is intended as a Christmas present for my wife Catherine, who I’m sure will love it too”.



Would you like to commission a dog portrait of your own?

Simply email  and tell us how many dogs you would like to have painted into your portrait and also it would be a great help if you could let us know what size dog portrait you’re thinking of. To get an idea of prices and sizes, please see the Dog Artists Price Guide.  Alternatively, just leave a comment below!

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