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Dogs in Uniform – The Count of Monte Cristo

Dogs dressed as the Count of Monte Cristo

Dogs in Unifrom - The Count of Monte Cristo

Having your dog painted as the Count of Monte Cristo is very much in demand these days.  Look at our oil painting of Deef the dog above, doesn’t he look handsome?! The background also is very atmospheric and adds to the painting, which is why perhaps having your dog painted as the Count of Monte Cristo is very popular.

Why are Portraits of Dogs in Uniform so Popular?

Dods as The Count of Monte Cristo

I think we can all remember those world-famous paintings of poker playing dogs in costumes by Coolidge.  Since then the idea of dogs as humans or dogs in uniform or costume have evolved.  Thierry Poncelet then took over and he has became famous for painting dogs in suits, military uniforms, Victorian dress and the whole movement has really taken off from there. Why? Well, the idea of being able to commission an oil painting of your dog in human dress,such as the Count of Monte Cristo to express his or her personality is a wonderful idea. For example, if your dog barks and is fiercely protective having him/her painted in a military uniform would be very suitable. You can completely customize how your dog should be painted in accordance with their personality.

The best thing about having paintings of your dogs in uniform or costume is that it’s completely unique and you have complete control over how you want your dog to be painted.

The Count of Monte Cristo

If you too would like your dog painted as the Count of Monte Cristo, please get in touch, via email or telephone. The process is so simple, all we need is a photograph of your dog preferably with him or her looking directly at the camera and we’ll do the rest! Give us between 3 – 4 weeks to paint your oil painting ( we use Winsor & Newton oils as they’re the best) and once completed, we will email you a high resolution photograph of your dog’s oil painting for your approval. If you would like us to make any amendments to your portrait, then of course we will. Once the oils have dried, we will post you your dog’s portrait. Simple. And yes we deliver world-wide too.


Who are we?

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Dog Artists  is a small team of 8 professional dog artists that solely specialise in painting dogs from your favourite dog photographs. We’re now in our 5th year of trading and feel we’ve earned a high reputation for our quality dogs portraits. All of which, are lovingly hand-painted using premium Winsor & Newton oils onto a high grade duck cotton canvas. If you’d like to carry on reading about the company please click on the About Dog Artists Page.


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