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New Puggles Painting

submit Dog Artists has just done their first ever Puggles painting! And isn’t it cute! The photo was great to work from. Clear, high-resolution and in focus, so the owner decided to have her Puggles painted in a Realist style.   To be honest,  it wasn’t until recently that I had ever heard of the Puggles breed. So I did some research to find out a bit more about these gorgeous dogs and found out a few thing about the Puggles dog breed.

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Fun Facts about Puggles invent 1. Puggles are a crossbreed of dog with one parent being a Pug the other a  Beagle. reorganize 2. Wallace Havens, bred the first Puggles in the 1980s. contribute 3. Puggles grow to a  weight of 15 – 30 pounds with a shoulder height of 8 to 15 inches.

can you order gabapentin online 4. The life Span of Puggles are between – 10 to 15 years

order neurontin cheap overnight at washington 5. Puggles are active and energetic dogs that enjoy barking. Uh oh!

6. Puggles need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

7. Puggles are generally stubborn so dog training may not be easy.

8. Puggles are great family dogs and friendly with children.


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