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Pet Paintings from Photos

Looking to commission pet paintings from photos?

You’ve certainly come to the right place! Commissioning a portrait to remember your pet if they have passed away or if you have decided to commission your dog’s portrait  because you want something a bit more special, we can help.

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Pet Paintings from Photos

Dog Artists’ resulting oil painting








At times it can be quite emotional, especially when the portrait commemorates a recently departed friend.  However, we’ve received so many great comments that we know we do create something really precious for the dog owner.

Pet Paintings from Photos – The Process

Pet Paintings from Photos


Established in 2007, Dog Artists has 8 professional pet artists, each specialising in various dog portraiture styles.  The process is really simple.  Just email your favourite pet photo, along with any additional instructions for the artist.  For example, you might want changes to the background, or combine several of your pet photos.


 Quality Oil Paintings Guaranteed

Having commissioned more than 200 portraits of a plethora of breeds, from Greyhounds to Bichon Frises, Dog Artists truly does understand how to capture a dog’s personality and likeness. All portraits are lovingly hand-painted using premium Winsor & Newton oils onto a high grade duck cotton canvas.  Once the portrait is completed, a photograph will be emailed for your approval.

 Who are we?

pet portraits from photos

Dog Artists  is a small team of 8 professional dog artists that solely specialise in painting dogs from your favourite dog photographs. We’re now in our 5th year of trading and feel we’ve earned a high reputation for our quality dogs portraits. All of which, are lovingly hand-painted using premium Winsor & Newton oils onto a high grade duck cotton canvas. If you’d like to carry on reading about the company please click on the About Dog Artists Page.


Would you like to see some more examples of our work? View our dog portfolio!


Have a question?

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We’d love to hear from you!  If you have a question about our dog portraits please leave a comment below or email us at

Bye for now x


About DogArtists

Dog Artists was founded in 2007 and is run by 8 pet artists specialising solely in dogs. Based in London UK, we deliver world-wide and paint beautiful dog portraits based on your photos.

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