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RAF Pigeon in Uniform

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  • DateSeptember 2018
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Winkie was a carrier pigeon who was travelling with her crew on board the RAF Beaufort Bomber during World War II.  The plane was hit and went down into the North Sea. The crew released Winkie in the hope she would get help.  She flew all the way home to Scotland, a whoping 120 miles away and alerted her owner, who then alerted the RAF and a rescue mission was immediately launched. Because of Winkie they managed to find the whole crew and accordingly Winkie was awarded the Dickin medal in 1943. We were asked to paint a beautiful portrait of Winkie in uniform so her memory may live on. This is one heroic pigeon in uniform!

If you want to get your pet or pigeon painted in a uniform or suit it’s first best to send us a few images of the attire or character that you have in mind. You know best how you want your pet to look and the look you want to go for.  If you need advice please do let us know too.

All of our pet portraits including this lovely and brave pigeon in uniform are hand-painted using premium Winsor & Newton oils onto a high quality duck cotton canvas. Please allow between 4 – 6 weeks from commissioning your pet paintings to receiving it. If you are ordering a pet portrait in uniform as a gift for a special occasion we can also send you or your recipient personalised gift vouchers.

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