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Show Poodle Painting

show poodle painting

Hyper Realist Show Poodle Painting

I wanted to show you this wonderful show Poodle painting that we painted and the photo that tour dog artist had to work from.  Our client adored this photo of his Show Poodle and wanted our artist, Sam Banks to paint him a hyper-realist dog painting of his dog, which he indeed did.

Hyperrealism is a genre of painting that basically resembles a high-resolution photograph.  It takes extraordinary skill by the artist because of course, every little fine detail has to be painted onto the canvas.

How much do your dog portraits cost?

Please take a look at this wonderful hyper realist show poodle painting once more to see the level of detail, skill and time that has gone into painting this dog portrait painting. Sam Banks really is a top realist dog artist.

show poodle painting

Prices start from £270 and we offer world wide delivery. All of our dog paintings are hand painted to an extremely high standard, just take a look at our dog portrait portfolio to see for yourselves. If you’d like to commission an oil portrait of your show Poodle or any breed of dog please email:


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Dog Artists was founded in 2007 and is run by 8 pet artists specialising solely in dogs. Based in London UK, we deliver world-wide and paint beautiful dog portraits based on your photos.

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