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Wonderful German Shepherd Portrait

We’ve just completed a German Shepherd painting that I think is rather special. The owner of this dog wanted a realist style German Shepherd portrait based on the photo below that she supplied to our dog artist, Sam who specialises in Realist style dog portraits.

German Shepherd Paintings

This was the photo the oil painting was based on and our resulting portrait so you can compare and contrast.


Photo given to

German Shepherd Paintings

Oil Painting










Useful Information about our dog portraits

All of our pet portraits including this lovely German Shepherd Portrait are hand-painted using premium Winsor & Newton oils onto a high quality duck cotton canvas. Please allow between 4 – 6 weeks from commissioning your dog’s portrait to receiving it. If you are ordering a dog portrait as a gift for a special occasion and are on a tight time frame we can send you or your recipient personalised gift vouchers.


Quick Dog Portrait Portfolio

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About DogArtists

Dog Artists was founded in 2007 and is run by 8 pet artists specialising solely in dogs. Based in London UK, we deliver world-wide and paint beautiful dog portraits based on your photos.

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