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boston terrier oil painting

Boston Terrier Oil Painting

I thought this week I’d show you a wonderful Boston Terrier oil painting that one of our dog portrait artists has just completed. The whole dog portrait  has just been …

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jack russell portrait

Artists who paint dogs in oils

Hello and Welcome to Dog Artists! If you’ve come to this page, then you’re probably looking for pet artists who paint dogs in oils, and that’s exactly what we do. …

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Alsatian dog paintings

How Much Do Pet Portraits Cost?

The price of pet portraits vary massively depending on who is painting your pet portrait, for example an up and coming pet artist will charge a lot more than those …

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Dogs in military uniform oil painitng

Dogs in Military Uniform Painting

Look at this wonderful oil painting of Hussar the black lab painted in military uniform. Hussar, looks very regal and the uniform really suits him.  Dogs in Military Uniforms are …

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artists who paint dogs

Artists Who Paint Dogs

Are you looking for great dog artists who paint dogs based on your favourite dog photos? Welcome! We are a group of 8 pet artists who paint dogs and only …

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dogs in uniform

How to commission a portrait of your dogs in uniform

Are you looking to commission a dog artist to paint you a beautiful oil painting of your dog in uniform?   If you’re looking to commission a portrait of your …

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New Puggles Painting

Dog Artists has just done their first ever Puggles painting! And isn’t it cute! The photo was great to work from. Clear, high-resolution and in focus, so the owner decided …

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dog portraits

How to commission pet portraits from photos

Commissioning Pet Portraits from your Photos   Hi Everyone, I thought you might want to see a fun video on commissioning your dog portrait from a photo. Yes all of …

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Bichon paintings

3 Great Bichon Frise Portraits

3 New Bichon Frise Painting Examples   1. Beautiful Oil painting of Percy. An exquisite Bichon Frise Portrait Percy is a painted in a Realist style and actually to capture …

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bichon paintings

What is a Bichon Frise?

To put simply a Bichon Frise (French for curly lap dog) is a dog that is said to have originated from the Canary Islands. The Bichon breed is also known …

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