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Dogs in Uniform Paintings

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Commission a wonderful oil painting of your dog in uniform, expertly hand-painted you will genuinely be amazed with the finished result.

Here at Dog Artists, we are asked to paint a lot of Poncelet style portraits of your dogs. Dogs painted in beautiful period costume, military uniform and especially, which seems to be the current favourite, dogs painted as The Count of Monte Cristo.  Take a look at a selection of our dogs in uniform paintings, all of which are hand-painted by premium Winsor & Newton oil onto high-grade duck  cotton canvases.


New Paintings of Dog in Uniform & Period Dress Portfolio

Take a look at our dogs in uniform portfolio and the photos our clients supplied for their artist to work from.

How about having your dog painted in uniform?

beagle dog

As you can see from the above dog gallery, you can have your dog painted into any costume, uniform or suit that you want. All you have to do is send us a clear headshot of your dog like the photo of Nan above and tell us what uniform or costume you would like to have your dog painted in. Ideally, if you could email us an image of the attire you have in mind that would be even better.  Paintings take between 4 – 6 weeks to complete. Gift vouchers are also available and we deliver world-wide.

The thought behind having your dog painted in uniform

dogs in uniform

The thought behind this is that when painted properly so the dog portrait looks natural, the portrait shows your dog now taking on human characteristics. What’s great about commissioning your own bespoke dog portrait with Dog Artists is that you can choose the attire you want your dog painted in to suit his or her personality and character. Is your dog’s character quite serious perhaps a military uniform might be appropriate?  Is he/she gentle and caring perhaps something like a ball gown or suit. The choice is completely yours!

Quick Pet Portrait Portfolio

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Please contact us today if you would like a quote for one of our artists to hand-paint you a beautiful oil painting of your dog in uniform. If you need some advice we are happy to advise on style and sizing too. Remember we deliver world-wide!