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It’s actually really simple to commission your dog’s portrait, however we’ve put together a short video showing previous dog portrait commisions that we’ve been asked to paint below to give you some inspiration.


What you need to do

  • The first thing to do is – find a photograph of your dog that you’d like the artist to base your painting on.  The higher resolution the photo the better (anything over 1MB is fantastic) however don’t fret, we have also worked from photos taken from mobile phones, but just keep in mind that the clearer and more in-focus your photograph is the better the portrait will be.
    dog artists

    Beautiful Oil Portrait, hand-painted by Dog Artists

  • Email your chosen photograph to with any brief you may have plus the size of portrait you’re thinking of. If you’d like a different background in your dog’s portrait than seen in your photo please just let us know.  We will then commission your dog’s portrait, please allow between 3 -4 weeks for your artist to complete your dog’s oil painting as oils do take a while to dry before we can safely deliver your painting to you.
  • When your artist has completed your wonderful dog portrait, we will email you a high resolution photograph of your oil painting for your approval. If you require alterations, your dog artist will amend your portrait according to your instructions. We want you to be delighted with your portrait!  Once finished we will then send you another photograph of your amended portrait.
  • Once you’ve approved your portrait, you will then need to settle the remaining balance.  We at Dog Artists will then deliver your painting via special delivery to the address you’ve specified in a special secure art tube.  Your dog portrait will also be insured. Dogt Artists will also let you know in advance when we are expecting to deliver your portrait and should you wish to opt for another delivery date, then please just let us know!



Quick Dog Portrait Portfolio


 Yes, we can lovingly hand-paint you a different background than what is seen in your dog’s photo.

Sometimes we’ve found that you may have taken a great shot of your dog but the background isn’t exactly ideal to have painted as an oil portrait. As you’re commissioning a painting your profesional dog artist can omit any objects that you don’t want painted into your portrait or can paint entirely different backgrounds such as a field or garden or maybe just a simple plain coloured background.  If you would like a different background simply let us know!

dog artists

Photo given to Dog Artists

Dog Painting

Oil Portrait based on a photo by Dog Artists










custom dog portraits

Dog photo emailed into Dog Artists

custom dog painting

Such a cute oil portrait of  Blauw, painted with a completly different background as requested.








dog portraits

Dog photo of Julian

dog portraits from photos


Alternatively, you may wish your dog’s oil portrait to be similiar to the photograph that you’ve supplied!

dog artists

Dog Photo Supplied to Dog Artists

dog artists

Superb Oil Portrait of Jasper with the same background as supplied in his photograph.









dog artists

Photo of Percy given to Dog Artists

dog artist

Exquisite realism-style oil portrait of Percy, painted exactly like his photograph.








dog artists

Dog photo of Coco given to Dog Artists

dog artists

A stunning oil painting of Coco, based on her photograph. Oil on canvas.









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