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Royal Pet Portraits

Have you dreamt of turning your favourite pet’s photo into a royal pet portrait? (10 Great Royal Pet Portrait Examples)

  1.  Meet the lovely Nula. Here she is painted in a regal dress and her beautiful dog portrait painting has been painted in the style of an old Dutch master. Can you guess which one? If you love the style of this particular royal pet portrait and would like one of our dog artists to hand paint your dog so they look like royalty, please contact us  – Contact Dog Artists and let us know what you have in mind.

royal pet portraits

pet painting This is the photo that Nula’s pet portrait was based on. Please remember the clearer your dog photo is the better your oil painting will be, as your artist needs to be able to see what your dog looks like. All of our royal dog portraits are painted with premium Winsor & Newton oils onto canvas by one of our professional dog artists. Worldwide delivery and gift vouchers are available. For our price guide, please take a look at out pet portrait prices.





2. Reggie as Napoleon

french bulldog painting

For our second example of a royal pet portrait we’d like to show you Reggie, who is an adorable French bulldog. Reggie has been painted as Napoleon and it is certainly a very regal pet portrait painting. Again this has been painted using oils onto canvas. For timescales please allow between 4 – 6 weeks from ordering your pet portrait to receiving it. We do not like to rush our artwork as all details are painstakingly hand painted to give you the best possible likeness and result. Please contact us for a quote.


Cuddles’ Royal Pet Portrait

anthropomorphic dog art

Cuddles here is a greyhound, whose owner wanted her painted with ruffs such as Elizabeth I or Sir Walter Raleigh. When we showed Cuddles’owner her royal dog portrait she said: “Fecking Brilliant…love them. Thank you so much”.


Dan’s Royal Pet Portrait

animals as people

Dan painted as nobility

Here’s another fun pet portrait of a dog with ruffs. Ruffs became popular around the 1560’s and they used to be highly luxurious garments that both men and women wore. The Elizabetheans were famous for wearing ruffs By the time King Charles I came to the English throne in 1625, the ruff had disappeared and been replaced by a loose lace collar.


Elsa’s Portrait

renaissance pet portraits

Oil Painting of Elsa in Period Dress

Here’s Elsa’s Renaissance pet portrait, she I hope you agree looks very regal in her red dress with ruff.


Lizzie’s very Regal Pet Portrait

royal pet portraits

Lizzie the Cocker Spaniel painted as Queen Elizabeth II

Lizzie the cocker spaniel here is painted as Queen Elizabeth II. As her name was Lizzie it definitely made sense to paint her after a famous Elizabeth!


Mia’s Royal Pet Portrait

dog anthropomorphic art


Here’s Mia’s beautiful Renaissance style pet portrait. Mis’a owner also commissioned another royal pet portrait of her dog Jax and kindly sent in a photo once she had hung her two dog portrait paintings on the wall.

anthropomorphic pet art

Jax and Mia

“These are so fantastic i can’t take it!!!”

Ms. M. Goldstein, May 2018


Sir Reginald’s Portrait

anthropomorphic art

The dashing Sir Reginald painted in uniform

Sir Reginald is a very dashing English Bulldog painted here in uniform.  If you would like your dog painted like Reginald please contact Dog Artists for a quote.


Zita’s Royal Pet Portrait

Prazsky Krysarik Portrait

Zita in period dress

Zita here is a a Prazsky Krysarik (Prague Ratter) they are said to be the smallest breed of dog in the world!  If you would like to see more royal dog portraits then you can here – Royal Dogs. If you want to read more about Zita and see the photo she was based on, take a look  – Zita, The Prague Ratter’s Portrait


The Lord of the Rings – Gimli

dog as gimli lord of the rings


Here’s a fun pet portrait of Gimli painted as the dwarf Gimli from Lord of the Rings. Click here to take a look at our full portfolio of royal dog portraits. Please remember that all of our dog portraits are hand painted with oils onto canvas and that the whole process takes between 4 – 6 weeks from commissioning your portrait to receiving it.

More Regal Pet Portrait Examples


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royal pet portraits

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