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Royal Pet Portraits

Royal Pet Portraits
Dog Artists / Royal Pet Portraits

Royal Pet Portraits

At Dog Artists we specialize in turning your beloved pet into a majestic figure of royalty with our exquisite hand-painted portraits. Our talented artists meticulously crafts each masterpiece, infusing every stroke with the grace and grandeur befitting kings and queens of the animal kingdom.

Simply send us a photo of your loyal companion, and watch as they are transformed into a regal icon on canvas. From elaborate crowns to opulent robes, every detail is tailored to capture the noble essence of your furry friend.

At Dog Artists, we understand the profound bond between pets and their owners, and we strive to immortalize this connection through our exquisite artwork. Take a look at some of the royal pet portraits that we have already painted to give you some inspiration!

We also offer a framing service should you wish to frame your royal pet portrait!

royal pet portraits
Oil paintings of Pets as Royalty

Send us your images and one of our dog artists will hand paint you a wonderful pet portraits of your dogs as royalty

royal dog painting

Once your pet portrait is complete we will send you send you a photo of your finished artwork for your approval. Should you wish to have any amendments made please do let us know. Your pet artist will be happy to make changes as we want you to be thrilled with your royal pet portrait

french pug royal painting

Please allow 3 - 6 weeks for your royal pet portrait to be completed. (timing depends on size and complexity)

Royal Pet Paintings

Passionate about perfection

In a world where our pets reign supreme in our hearts, why not elevate them to the status they truly deserve? Imagine your loyal companion draped in the opulent attire of a king or queen, adorned with a majestic crown fit for royalty. At Dog Artists, we offer you the opportunity to turn this vision into a stunning reality.

Painting your dog as a  current or past monarch isn’t merely about capturing their likeness; it’s about honouring their noble spirit and unwavering loyalty. Just as monarchs command respect and admiration, your furry friend holds a special place of honour in your life. Immortalizing them as a regal figure not only celebrates their unique personality but also pays homage to the bond you share.

Beyond mere aesthetics, having your dog painted as a monarch serves as a testament to the profound connection between humans and animals throughout history. From ancient civilizations to modern-day royalty, pets have been cherished companions, offering companionship and unwavering devotion. Want further inspiration take a look at our dogs in uniform paintings. Interested to learn more? Read up on anthropomorphic dog portraits.

royal pet portraits


Having your pet painted as a royal is a timeless gesture of love and affection. It’s a way to honour their presence in your life and celebrate the joy they bring every day. After all, in the kingdom of your heart, your dog will always reign supreme.

royal pet portraits


Discover the unparalleled beauty of royal pet portraits crafted by our top-tier artists. Each stroke of the brush is a testament to their mastery, capturing the essence and personality of your dogs with unparalleled skill and precision. Let our talented pet artists immortalize your pet in a timeless masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come.

dog dressed in suit


Indulge in the splendour of our pet portraits, meticulously handcrafted based on your cherished photos. Our pet artists breathe life into each canvas, ensuring that every detail reflects the unique charm and character of your beloved canine companion. Simply email your photos to hello@dogartists.co.uk

royal pet portraits

We deliver our dog portraits world-wide

royal dog painting
London based

Our online art studio is based in London UK. Our Framer is also based here in the UK

prazsky krysarik pet portraits

We offer a framing service for all our portraits. All frames are custom-made here in the UK

Royal pet portraits of dog
Our artists work from images

We can work from multiple images, please email us and we'll be happy to provide a mock up if needed!

dog painted in uniform by dog artists

We're happy to give advice if you're not sure what would work best. We have been doing this for over a decade so we know what we're doing.

renaissance pet portrait

Left it too late? Contact us for gift vouchers!

Royal Pet Portraits

Commission a Royal Pet Portrait with Us

Hand painted dog portraits based on your photos

If you’d like to commission a royal pet portrait of your dogs please contact us for a quote.

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