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pet portraits uk

Pet Portraits UK – Supersize my dog portrait please!

Large Pet Portraits Sometimes you might want a really large oil painting of your dog. Take a look at this pet portrait, which is drying in the art studio at …

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pet artist

Thierry Poncelet Style Dog Portraits

A Touch of Fun! Sometimes you may want your dog’s portrait to be a bit more unique and fun. Dog Artists has actually painted quite a lot of dog portraits …

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German Shepherd dog

Alsatian Dog Portraits – A lovely example

I personally love Alsatian dogs, they’re so beautiful!  I realise however, that this opinion is not shared by all, although I can’t understand why,  Alsatians are magnificent. Anyway, enough gushing. …

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Bull dog artist

How to choose the perfect photo for your dog’s portrait

I often get asked about what sort of dog photo makes a great dog portrait, so here are 4 quick tips, that I hope you’ll find useful! 1. Are Your …

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dog paintings

Custom Dog Portraits

  Sometimes you may not want your dog’s oil portrait to be exactly like the photograph that you supplied. A lot of people actually want to commission custom dog portraits …

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dog portraits

Dog Portraits – A Fabulous Example

A few months ago, I received an enquiry to commission a dog portrait of Griff (there he is above) but to paint him in the style of one of the …

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dog artists uk

Welcome to Dog Artists

Welcome to Dog Artists! Hello there! and thank you for visiting Dog Artists. If you’re looking to commission a portrait of your dog then you’ve definitely come to the right …

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